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  1. Admission will be granted to men and women above 55 years of age. Management reserves the right of granting/rejecting admission.
    • a) This admission does not give any rights or inheritance rights to the entrant. Rights of the heirs will be limited only to the deposit amount. Entrants will have to give the names, complete addresses, telephone numbers and photographs of their heirs or responsible, notified persons.
    • b) It is mandatory for heirs / responsible, notified persons to be present at the time of admission.
    • c) It is expected that heirs or responsible, notified persons come to meet the resident concerned at least once in every two months.
  2. As far as possible, residents should not keep any valuables with them. If they do, it is entirely at their own risk.
  3. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited on the premises.
  4. Residents will not be allowed to use kerosene / gas / electric stove or kettle / iron or any inflammable material in the room. For certain electrical equipments a charge will be levied by the management. Residents will be required to pay this amount regardless of when and for how long they use the particular item. It is not possible for the management to monitor the exact usage of electrical units.
  5. Residents are expected to bring their own clothes, extra bed sheets, toiletries and torch.
  6. Residents must have sufficient stock of medicines of daily use. Also, it would be convenient, if list of medicines and a photocopy of doctors' prescriptions is handed over to the administrative authorities.
    • a) If a resident requires emergency medical aid, he/she will be given immediate assistance such as admitting him/her to a hospital. The administration will try to contact and inform the heirs/notified persons. But thereafter, all responsibility, including expenses of the resident will be entirely with the heir or notified persons.
    • b) If the resident has or develops a serious illness and requires long-term medical aid, he/she will have to discontinue living at the Home.
  7. If the resident meets with an accident, the administration will try to provide maximum help. But if immediate medical assistance is not available, the trustees, administration or staff of the Home will not be financially or legally liable.
  8. If a resident passes away, heirs / notified persons will be informed. If they don't arrive within 8 hours to collect the body, the administration will conduct the last rites as per its capability. The expenditure incurred will be deducted from the security deposit.
  9. Residents should be careful not to play the radio or television on high volume as it may disturb other residents. Residents will not be allowed to use the radio or television after 11 pm.
  10. If any resident misbehaves, the management will have the authority to take suitable action. Decision of the management will be final.
  11. The management will have the right to allocate a room to another candidate if the present occupant fails to pay the monthly charges for three months and the occupant will be asked to vacate.
  12. Residents are expected to use the facilities provided by the Home carefully. If things break or are misplaced, the resident responsible will be required to pay compensation.
  13. Residents are required to pay the monthly charge of Rs.8500/- by the 5th of every month by cheque.
  14. The right to revise the monthly charges and the rules and regulations rests entirely with the management. And such revised rules will be binding on all residents.
  15. If a resident wishes to leave the Home, a month's notice is mandatory. If such a notice is not given, one month's charges will be deducted from the deposit amount.
  16. A resident will have to pay the charges for full month if he/she leaves the Home on any day of the month.
  17. Monthly charges are payable even ifresidents leave the premises for any purpose for a temporary period.
  18. If a resident wishes to go out of the Home, all relevant details should be given to the administrative office. The duplicate key of the room lock bought by the resident should also be handed over.
    Friends, you are aware that for smooth functioning of an institution, it is necessary to frame rules & regulations and mention about legal aspects.
    At the same time, it will be our endeavour to maintain homely atmosphere for the residents of 'Chaitanya'.


Sr. No. Type of Occupancy Monthly Charges
1. Single Rs. 13500/-
2. Double Rs. 8500/- per person

Security Deposit: Double Occupancy : Rs. 50000 & Single Occupancy Rs. 75000 (Interest free) :-

While returning the deposit, deductions as under are applicable :-
a) Rs. 2000 per year (maximum of Rs. 10000). If the stay is for some days or months in excess of a year, the amount deducted will be for the full year.

For Temporary Stay Up to 3 Months:-

Double Occupancy:- Monthly charges per person : Rs.11000/-only

Security Deposit : Rs. 20000 (Interest free)

Dues (if any) from the resident, will be deducted from the security deposit.


Lodging and boarding facilities will be provided, at a charge, to relatives and guests who come to visit residents. Two days prior notice is required for the same. Rooms will be provided based on availability.
Management reserves the right to revise monthly charges, security deposit, rules and regulations.